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Finished Object Friday (volume 2)

We made it to the weekend! Phew. Let me start with a little personal oversharing. I have a badly herniated disc in my neck that is compressing my spinal cord. Yup, that is as painful as it sounds. And because I am stubborn, I put off surgery longer than I should. But it is finally scheduled for June 12, and let me tell you, I am counting down the minutes. I have never been so happy to watch the days pass quickly! So another Friday is a win for me. I'm probably not unique in that feeling, I imagine. Now, on to the knitting!

Just like last week, there was a little cheating. This time it was just with the washcloths. I have a bunch knit up that I am now going back and finding the coordinating color in my stash and knitting up the partner. Somewhere in the almost 8 years that RamsGirl has existed, I decided that I like my washcloth sets to have a solid and a pattern. It is rare now that I will have 2 solids paired and I never have 2 of the same colors together. I think it visually looks more striking with the coordinating colors and patterns instead of matching.

I finished up 3 sets of washcloths again (6 individual washcloths) and 1 set of 4 coasters. I also have been pushing myself to knit more shawls, since they fly out of the shop. I got 2 more knit up this week. These I did start to finish in the week, so I am pretty proud of myself. I also got inspired with the idea of a completely new pattern while knitting one of the shawls, so I am pretty excited to figure that one out and knit it up. Maybe this week. We'll see if the neck cooperates.

Tell me how your week went. Did you accomplish what you hoped to? I would love to hear about it! Now back to knitting so that I have something for next week's post.

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