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WIP Wednesday

In the spirit of Finished Object Friday, here are all of my current works in progress (those that are not in the box of shame that we don't talk about). These are all the things that I keep trying to finish, but have been unable to since neck surgery. To be fair, 2 I have started since I had surgery. In the works I currently have a chunky green cowl, a lacy purple infinity scarf, a teal pillow cover that frankly needs to be taken off that needle and restarted on a smaller one, a red, white, and blue washcloth, plus 2 random washcloths and 3 coasters that need their mates knit and their ends woven in.

This actually isn't that bad for me. This is not the highest my wip count has ever been, especially if you consider how much I put off weaving in ends. I keep looking for projects that I can finish with the limited knitting I can handle right now. Potentially I could finish the cowl and one or two washcloth sets by Friday. We'll see.

Do you also have multiple projects going at once, or is it just me? I would love to hear about your wips!

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