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Free Knit Fur Cowl Pattern

A knitting project in prgress
Go For Faux Sparkle in Milky Way

We've hit that time of year in Central Virginia where Mother Nature can't decide if we should be warm or cold. We swing from 70 degree days playing in the sun to sledding on snow covered ground, all in the same week. And while I will argue that any time is a good time for a chunky knit, there is no denying that cold grey days especially call for something thick and warm. This faux fur cowl is perfect for snuggling (both while knitting and when wearing) and you won't regret having this in your closet. Plus you can knock out this project in an hour - just in case you need this in your life NOW.

First, let me say that if you are not a chunky knitting aficionado, you might not just have a set of US size 50 needles just laying around. You read right, these babies are 25 mm. You knit this pattern holding to strands of yarn at the same time, so you cover ground quickly. Michael's carries the wooden version, but I do also recommend the plastic versions as well, since the wood ones are HEAVY. It can take some getting used to. I know, I hate plastic needles too, but I think it is worth having them on hand.

large wooden knitting needles doubling as vampire stakes
Not my meme, but I always think of it when I use these needles

The yarn I use is Lion Brand's Go For Faux. I have labeled each picture with the actual colorway. If you aren't an experienced knitter, you may opt for a different Super Bulky yarn, like Hometown or Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. The faux fur is slippery and hard to see, particularly when you are knitting two strands together. Just a word of warning.

You will be using a long tail cast on and knit stitch on this pattern. If you are a newbie (or you need a refresher) you can find videos on those and more here. Along with 2 skeins of yarn and the stakes, I mean knitting needles, you will also need a yarn needle to sew up your cowl.

Cast on 16 stitches using the long tail method. You want to have roughly 15 inches of yarn left over to use to sew it up. Just a note, the Go For Faux Sparkle has less yarn per skein, so I adjust the pattern to be slightly shorter by only casting on 14 stitches. This will make the final height slightly shorter (how high on the neck it sits). You could also use additional skeins of yarn to make up the difference.

Close up of a pink faux fur cowl on a mannequin
Go For Faux in Pink Poodle

Knit every row (garter stitch), slipping the first stitch purl-wise (this gives a nice finished edge to the top and bottom). Continue knitting until your piece reaches 27 inches long, or you only have about 15 inches left. Then cast off.

Attach your two short ends (the ones that you cast on and cast off) using a whip stitch with one of the strands of yarn from your long tail cast on. It will be hard to see exactly where your knit stitches are, so just try to keep your stitches roughly the same size. The fur does make this forgiving, since it obscures the seam. Weave in the other ends so they are tucked away. And you have your cowl! Finished dimensions will be 14" tall and 27" around.

Now you have yourself a show stopping cowl! But if you got frustrated and threw the whole project in a corner, don't worry. You can always pick up a ready to wear one here. Did you enjoy the pattern? I have more that knit up quickly on etsy.

Cowls pictured in order left to right - Go For Faux in Huskey, Pink Poodle, and Baked Alaska.

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Looks so cozy


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Looks so cozy I love your posts.

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