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Cheap and Easy Yarn Tassels

Yarn tassel making
Everything you need to create the perfect tassel

Yesterday on IGTV, I gave a short instructional video on how to make yarn tassels quickly and cheaply. There are some great tassel making tools out there, but nothing is quite as cheap and easy as a piece of cardboard. Not to mention, I don't stress when I lose this "tassel maker" - something that I routinely do. I find another piece of cardboard around the house and cut another square! Much better than losing a $20 tool every few months.

I rarely use tassels in my patterns, but I have to say, I had a lot of fun making them yesterday! They might start appearing in my patterns more often. It is definitely easier when you are making tassels from big chunky yarns too. It goes really quickly!

So here is the video showing how to make a tassel - just in case you missed it on instagram (or if you want to bookmark/share the video so you can use it in the future). If you are want to check out the knitting pattern that needed the tassels, click here. Enjoy!


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