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Snow Day Traditions

If you live in a place where it snows, snow days are magical from the time we are old enough to lace up snow boots, put on mittens, and head out into the cold. Even as an adult that would much rather stay inside where it is warm than to go running out to make a snowman, there is magic to snow days.

My traditions have certainly changed as I have gotten older. No longer do I stick out a bowl to catch snow for snow cream and push friends into snow banks. Now, snow days are cozy days. They are filled with warm drinks and candles and soft yarns. Fuzzy socks and comfy pjs. A fire in the fireplace (even if it is just streaming from YouTube on the TV).

Winter is definitely a time of hibernation with less sunlight and more cold. Snow days are the ultimate hibernation day. Snacks are a must, as well as comfort food. I personally love grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Warm cookies make a great dessert. And lots of knitting in between!

I don't necessarily have a go to project when it snows. I have knit everything from washcloths up to throw blankets. While the obvious is to knit something warm, I'm not usually cold tucked into my living room, watching the snow outside the windows. I go with whatever feels right in the moment. Usually, this is not the time for figuring out a complex pattern or working on something completely new. This is a day for comfort and relaxing, so an old favorite is definitely what I focus on.

What are your snow day traditions? I would love to hear!

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Jan 29, 2022

Your snow day traditions sound so fun!

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