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Knitting Through the Storm

Knitting on the day of my grandfather's funeral
Knitting Break

The last few months have been stressful. That is such an understatement. Our world is changing drastically in a short amount of time. I believe some of that change is for the better - I fully support the Black Lives Matter protesters and the movement itself. Some of that change has been beyond scary - a tiny virus has quickly shown how unprepared the world is for a global health crisis.

My husband and I have been able to hunker down at home for the duration of the stay at home orders. We will continue to do so for many more months, as we are both at higher risk for complications should we contract it. We are healthy and safe. But we both feel the stress.

You have likely seen tons of posts about people picking up new hobbies. Baking bread has been at the height of it's popularity since Wonderbread was created. People are painting, writing, sewing masks. There is an outpouring of creativity during these tense months. Obvious, I know, but hobbies are great for mental health. And with humans being more disconnected from each other than ever, mental health has become paramount.

No shocker here, but knitting is my happy place. I have monetized my hobby. Knitting is my business. But for me, it hasn't lessened the joy I get from moving those two needles back and forth. The picture above is from the day of my grandfather's funeral in 2018. I am not good at being still. My brain is always going 100 miles an hour and it can worry down a topic in no time flat. Remember when you called your teacher "mom" in first grade? My brain can bring up every cringe moment in no time flat. And then I start thinking about my to do list. Has the spinach in the fridge gone bad?

I imagine that knitting for me is similar to worry beads. My hands are occupied, I can see progress with every stitch, and my brain is able to calm. I can process thoughts and then set them aside. Move on. And the feeling of accomplishment can't be beat! I can turn an hour into a scarf. What's your superpower?

Knitting while on vacation at the beach
Beach Knitting

Knitting while watching the ocean waves? There simply is not anything more calming and centering than that. This beats yoga every time. Knitting has been there for me through all the struggles and loss in my life. And it has been there as a way to relax from just the day to day drudgery as well. Why clean toilets when there is knitting to be done?

There is all kinds of research showing how great knitting is for mental health. You can read a few different articles here and here. And while I am particularly partial to knitting, I do believe most creative hobbies offer the same benefits. Humans need a creative outlet. But if you are feeling stressed out from the state of the world today, I encourage you to give knitting a try.

If you look through previous blog posts, I have free patterns and step by step video instructions that are perfect for a first time knitter. You can also click here to see knitting kits I have available for purchase. I am very active on Instagram and try to go live knitting a few times a month. I am always available to help with questions, tips, and tricks! I have found so much joy in knitting and I want to share that joy with others.


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