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Mother's Day Gift Round Up

I know, it is only March, but May will be here before you know it. And when it comes to recognizing the woman in your life, it is always good to plan ahead. If you have a fiber artist in your life that you want to celebrate on Mother's Day, look no further. I have the perfect gift list!

First up - YARN! It doesn't matter if your mother is a knitter, weaver, crocheter, crafter, or just a yarn collector. Yarn is always a hit. And hand dyed wool from a independent yarn dyer is *chef's kiss* the best. My personal favorite indie yarn dyer is Shellee from HauteKnit Yarn. She has this '80s throwback set that is amazing. With names like Jelly Shoes, Slap Bracelet, and Crimped Hair, you know this yarn is radical. Be sure to grab a couple of skeins of the same color so your mom has plenty for her project!

If your mom is a knitter or crocheter, she spends a lot of time with needles (or hooks) in her hands. Make sure she has the best! The wooden sets from Knit Picks are so pretty and so easy to use. They are made from laminated birch and are super smooth. They combine the ease and speed of metal with the warmth and comfort of bamboo. And you know they had me at colorful. You can check out the crochet hooks here and the knitting needles here.

Every fiber artist needs a safe place to keep their yarn while working on a project. A yarn bowl is a great way to protect yarn from rogue cats and little fingers. I love a wooden yarn bowl because it is less likely to break if it does take a tumble. Plus the teak on this option from Darn Good Yarn is just gorgeous! The perfect way to show off your yarn while working with it.

Most moms are pretty active, trying to race from work to school to after school activities, and everything else they are juggling. Taking a project with them can be a great way to relax amid the chaos of the day. Plus it really makes waiting easier. But packing a project bag, pulling it out in the car in the pick up line, and stuffing it all back in when the kids descend on the car can be difficult. I love a wrist bag so that I can knit while I am moving around. This della Q bag from Jimmy Beans Wool comes in a bunch of prints and is the best way to knit or crochet on the go.

Maybe your fiber artist mom already has it all. She has stacks of needles and hooks. Yarn bowls line the shelves. Project bags are thrown every where and the drawers are overflowing with yarn. Seriously. She knows what she wants and she buys it when she wants it. These are some of the most difficult people to shop for. She has probably already given you a list and you should definitely follow it. But if you still want to grab her a surprise, a fun gift like a coffee mug could be just the thing. If you follow me at all, you know I love a pun. So I have a line of coffee mugs that are full of fiber artist puns. You can check them out here.

Finally, what if your mother isn't a fiber artist yet? Or maybe she used to knit when you were a kid but hasn't done it in years. Knitting is a relaxing hobby - I seriously refer to it as meditation for people who can't sit still. If she's expressed interest but has no idea where to start, a RamsGirl Design knitting kit could be the perfect place to start. All of my kits come with everything you need to knit one of my patterns. This is a great introduction to a new hobby or a way to get back into an old one. You can find my kits here. I also have step by step video instructions on a previous blog post.

No matter what you get your loved one for Mother's Day, I know they will appreciate the thought and effort that went into your gift. If you can make sure you give them a call or spend some time with them on this special day. Memories are the best gifts of all.


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