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Hosting My First Handmade Market

Last weekend was my first market that I ever put together. I found a venue and vendors, I promoted and strong armed friends into getting the word out. It was definitely waaaaaay outside of my comfort zone, but it ended up being a success.

I have attended all kinds of markets and craft shows as a vendor. I have acted as assistant to my mom when she put on a series of Barn Sales full of vintage and handmade dealers. In 2018 I even held 2 pop ups in my home. So creating a market wasn't completely outside of my wheelhouse, but it definitely stretched my knowledge and skills!

I have had requests to do more, so we'll see what happens. Maybe this will become a biannual tradition!

The day was cold and dreary, which made an indoor market with food and beer even more attractive. We definitely ended the day with a crush of people! I have a bunch of photos below, so enjoy! You can also click here to watch some of the live videos.

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