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The Evolution of a Knitting Needle Addiction

Most fiber artists will tell you about their bins of yarn or hanks of fiber. Some will even talk about how they came home with a whole fleece, ready to wash and card before spinning it into yarn. I may have some of the former happening (definitely none of the later). Somehow, I have amassed a huge collection of knitting needles.

My first needles were actually hand me downs from my mother. As she taught me to knit, she was busy with sewing, so I got a bunch of needles she wasn't using. This mostly consisted of metal needles. Maybe what you learn on sticks, because I swore by metal knitting needles for years. They are smooth, so the needles allow you to knit fast. Some bamboo and plastic needles hold the yarn a bit more, which helps to prevent slipped stitches, but does slow down the process somewhat.

I'm not sure when I first tried bamboo needles, but I was hooked. They are so quiet! Metal needles are somewhat hollow and can be noisy. I love the solid feel of the bamboo needles as they move. But you guys know I love some color...

I found my first set of Knit Picks rainbow wooden knitting needles at a local yarn shop while I was on vacation in North Carolina. I had to get a set! And I fell in love - these guys are so smooth so the yarn slides easily. This allows me to knit like a speed demon! But I still have the solidness of wood needles. Plus they are pretty!

If you are looking for a balance between bamboo and metal needles, I highly suggest Knit Picks.

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