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Finished Object Friday (volume 1)

Happy Friday! Welcome to our first Finished Object Friday. I kinda cheated this time. Since this is the first FOF post, I didn't actually knit everything this week. I did finish everything this week, so I feel like that is in the spirit of the post. Especially when you take into account how much I hate the actual finishing process. I let my projects stack up while I keep knitting, hoping elves will sneak into my office and weave in ends while I sleep. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure I will keep trying.

So what did I ostensibly accomplish this week? A grand total of 6 washcloths, an open knit cowl, and a triangle cowl. I am most proud of my shawl. They sell very quickly on etsy, but I knit less than I should. They take more time than some of my other spring/summer items, and I am all about that instant gratification. I am trying to get better and I even have another shawl that I am working on now. We'll see if it makes it to next week's FOF post. I'll use you guys to help keep me accountable.

How was your week? Any finished objects you are proud of? Leave me a comment below! I would love to hear what you accomplished. Meanwhile, here are all of my completed items:

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