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Finished Object Friday (volume 3)

Can I drink a red bull at 10 o'clock at night? Asking for a friend. I am seriously exhausted. I keep thinking I will just get through this week and then I will get a break...and then I find myself filling up that time too. When I was shopping at all those wonderful yarn shops last weekend, I kept getting asked what I liked to knit. My answer - things that knit quickly. I do not have the time or the patience to knit a fair isle sweater. They are gorgeous and I am thankful for those that do have the time and the patience to create those beautiful works of art. But I need that instant gratification of seeing a project take shape in a week or less. I have too many ideas, too many goals, and too many orders to slow down!

That being said, don't scoff at my lackluster FO Friday. I know, I had 2 weeks this time. And I did knit up more than I finished. But did I mention I'm tired? I am seriously typing this up in bed, ready to crash. As much as I would love to stay up, knitting more of the ideas floating through my head, I think that I need a solid 10 hours of sleep to make up for how hard I have been pushing. So enough gabbing, here are the items I completed in the last 2 weeks. I completed 2 sets of washcloths and a set of coasters, an open knit triangle shawl, and a new pattern I just created, a lacy infinity scarf. I am so happy with how it drapes!

I would say that I promise to do better next week, but let's be real. It will be my last Friday before surgery, so I will be lucky to have as much done as I did this week. So ta for now and I will see you all on Tuesday for our next chat!

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