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Review of Kim Dyes Yarn

I promised more yarn reviews, and considering how many skeins I have of Kim Dyes Yarn, I thought this was a good indie dyer to start with. But first - I will give you a very quick update on me. You probably noticed I missed a few of my regular posting days. My surgery was a week ago and was a complete success, not that there were any concerns. If you haven't been keeping up, I had a cervical fusion to remove a badly herniated disc in my neck. It really had gotten to the point were I could barely knit, so I am happy to be on the mend, even if I'm still not able to knit much yet (it has only been a week). Now enough about me. Let's talk about Kim!

I first found Kim Dyes Yarn at the Powhatan Festival of Fiber (you can see past reviews of this festival here and here). Sock and fingering weight yarn seem to be so popular with independent dyers and I love my bulky yarns. But Kim had this gorgeous mint bulky yarn that was so soft. And my love affair was born. I have bought from her every year at the festival since. I also am able to grab her yarns locally at my own LYS (local yarn shop) Dances With Wool. She has such a great variety of colors that all are so vibrant. I love saturated colors. Not a pastel or muted fan here. And Kim's yarns just call to me. She is a dyer and not a spinner, so she uses several different yarn bases that she describes on her website. But she definitely picks the softest yarns.

The scarf above was knit using one of her gradient dyes. This specific colorway is no longer listed on her website, but she has some other great colors that I am an eyeing for future ombre scarves. The dark grey tonal my husband picked out this year for me to knit him a scarf with. I'm excited to knit it up and I will be sure to share with you all once I finish it. I have no idea what I am going to make with the other yarns, but one day the right project will hit me. I can tell you the yarn holds up very well. I am not easy on my scarves. They get thrown in my purse, in my laptop bag, ride in the back of my car for a week, and so on. I haven't had any issues with the dye bleeding, no pilling or tears. And yes, I have had some very nice wool simply tear. My wallet cried at that loss.

So where can you find Kim Dyes Yarn? Click here for her website. She lists the yarn shops she is carried in as well as events she will be attending. If your local yarn shop doesn't carry her yarn, you can always request it! Or you can grab your coffee and fuzzy slippers and shop online, like I do.

Do you have a favorite indie dyer? Let me know in the comments!

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