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Finished Object Friday (late)

I know. It is Saturday. But I actually had a few things to post for FO Friday this week. Problem is, I sat up to watch the first episode (second season) of Luke Cage with my husband, and sitting that long wore me out. My neck still isn't quite up to the task of supporting my head for more than 30 minutes. So I pretty much just went to sleep after that, completely forgetting about my blog post. For this one time exception I bring you Finished Object Friday on a Saturday.

We are now 11 days post-op. It really isn't that long, if you think about the fact that I had my spine worked on. But the cabin fever is hitting hard. I haven't been able to knit much before I have to lie back down. But I have been able to do few administrative things that I just never found the time for. I have typed up and listed new patterns for sale. Sadly, these are patterns that have been completed for months, I just never took the time to create the PDF and make the listing online. I have fixed some old product pictures that needed tweaking. So I have found ways to be productive, despite my recovery.

My finished objects this week include a coaster set that I did completely knit over the past 11 days as well as one washcloth (the tan one). The white washcloth with the red and green speckles was knit before I went into the hospital, but I wove in the ends this week. The other two washcloths had been finished, but were just waiting for their mate. Below are also the two patterns that I finished this week. I feel like that counts as a finished object, even if the knitting was done months ago.

Here is hoping that next week has increased healing and more knitting. And as always, I love to hear about your finished objects, whatever they may be. Please comment below and tell me about your wins and completed items!

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