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Knit 1, Sip 1

I have always thought about doing drink and knitting pattern pairings, similar to drink and food pairings. I find a nice wine or fun cocktail relaxing in the same way that I find knitting relaxing. What is better than knitting one, then sipping one?

Today I start with a local spiced wine spiking my hot apple cider. This pairs well with a pattern like a washcloth. The pattern may be a little more challenging - counting may be involved. If you make a mistake, frogging is easy, since it isn't a large object that is being knit. Plus it takes much longer to work your way through the bottle, since it is mixed with the cider.

This is a great way to relax on a cold winter evening. A hot drink with a little spike to keep you warm along with a knitting project that will be finished long before you finish the bottle. This is a perfect mix for a cozy night. I do have to recommend the shortbread cookies from Girl Scouts - they paired very nicely with the spiced wine!

If you would like to knit this pattern, you can grab it here. Spiced wine might be a little harder to find this time of year - it is usually a seasonal that is found in the fall/winter. I picked up my bottle direct from the Williamsburg Winery. I used my Keurig to make hot apple cider, but you can find mixes similar to hot chocolate mixes at most grocery stores.

Remember to knit and drink responsibly my friends!

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